Jul 27

This 2008, the Rugby League World Cup concludes the Centenary of Rugby League in Australia. The event that started back in 1954 features the top ten RL nations. The 2008 RLWC will be the 13th World Cup that is scheduled to take place between October 25 and November 22, 2008 in Australia.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and other great cities and states will host the RLWC. Oz as tournament co-host have entered the cup twelve times and already secured nine tournament victories, including the 2000 World Cup.

Australia, England, Fiji, France, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Ireland, Scotland and Samoa will all rally for the cup. Each nation played each other on a number of occasions, both on a home and away basis.

The Rugby League World Cup was an initiative of the French, who had been campaigning for a Rugby League World Cup since 1935. The 2008 Rugby League World Cup not only concludes the Centenary of Rugby League celebrations in Australia, but will also mark the 13th chapter of the event which started way back in 1954.

Since the tournament’s inception, the Rugby League World Cup has been taken to eight nations, with games played in over 50 cities and towns.

The 2008 Rugby League World Cup will be the third tournament held in Australasia and will feature the top 10 Rugby League nations.

Passionate rugby fans ,including campervan hire tailgaters, travel from all over to witness this spectacular sport with more than 50,000 seats per venue. The Kangaroos (Australia team) won 40 – 12 during the 2000 RLWC Finals against NZ with an outstanding performance. With less than three hundred days left until the opening, who do you think will win this 2008?


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