Rugby without barriers!

One of the most remembered phrases in the world of rugby is the one pronounced by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill : “Rugby is a sport of barbarians, played by gentlemen.” There is no reason for the former British politician, who say he liked to see veteran players compete. That’s why Churchill would have enjoyed watching Galicia Rugby Old Boys, one of the veteran Spanish rugby teams, who wears authentic  VIATOR sportswear.

Precisely, the club is news for several reasons, among them the recent presentation in A Coruña of a magazine that reviews the history and evolution of the club. And it is that the Galicia Rugby Old Boys (or GROB of abbreviated form) maintains the purest essence of the rugby galician. Many of the players that made up the team played the first Galician League in the 80’s and now, many years later, remain linked to the sport they love most. Back in 2006, the two most active veteran teams, CR Ferrol and CRAT UNV. Coruña decided to participate in a tournament, Golden Oldies, which took place in Madeira in 2008. It was there when the Galicia Rugby Old Boys was created.

Undoubtedly, one of the main foundations of the Galician club is its staff, made up of players from all over Spain. In the case of the last international crictime event, men came from the Costa Barbarians (Coats led Sol), Law of Madrid and Independent of Stander, in addition to those that come from Galician teams. This international event was none other than the EVRA European Veterans Festival held in Farnham, South London. With the participation of 20 teams from all over Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom and Hungary among others), the tournament was played under a great atmosphere.

The GROB moved to the British town with a very large expedition (about 60 members), one of the characteristics of the team: “We have managed to be well known out there for our spirit, for our values, and because we are a large group” Relates one of the founders of the club, Evaristo Martinez .

The participation of GROB in European competitions has become a constant. In fact, since he was lucky in the Madeira Festival 2008, he has been present in Wales 2010, Cascais (Portugal) 2011, Trieste (Italy) 2012 and Esztergom (Hungary) 2013. Competitions where the results fall into the background, Highlighting above all the magnificent atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship that is created between the different clubs.

That is why the prizes are not the usual. One of the most special is the Jeff Buterfield Cup , the only trophy awarded at the European Veterans’ Championships to the team with the best team spirit, rewarding values ​​such as fraternity, if you really want to watch it live the check live cricket streaming and enjoy friendship and coexistence. An award that the GROB can look proud in its showcases since it received in 2011 in Cascais. In contrast, in the Hungarian edition of 2013 they won the trophy to the most numerous team, with 28 players.

At the recent EVRA European Veterans Festival at Farnham, the Galicia Rugby Old Boys was able to wear this season’s official jersey. Among its features stands out for being reversible (pink and blue) and 100% customized by VIATOR. An exclusive and very unique rugby clothing  that will surely bring many more successes and that undoubtedly brings much color and joy to the field of play.

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