Passion for the mountain

From the asphalt to the mountain . A change as important as positive. Watching the clock to enjoy the sport in the middle of nature, among animals, trees and many slopes. Moving from one surface to another has meant a huge change that the members of the Media Trail Midas now thank and enjoy. A small club, formed by 15 partners , but very well Aventine and that, soon, celebrate two years of history.

A group of veteran riders who, accustomed to the asphalt, decided to move to the mountain. Without a doubt, a different and very demanding terrain that has ended them marveling. “To the mountain we will compete equally, but we do not have the pressure of the time, the stopwatch. Let’s enjoy the mountain, nature, and nothing else. ” This is what Ana Maria Corral , the treasurer of the Media Club, who emphasizes the great difference between one modality and another.

In fact, Ana María says she runs more relaxed on the mountain: “Since the race began, I’m calmer and often ends up doing better than on the asphalt.” Without cars, with the possibility to stop to walk when you want, even to take pictures of the landscape. And some more feature that make the trail an upward modality. “Regarding the asphalt races, in the mountains I have found cricfree site more companionship and environment. At the Malaga Marathon goal that I ran a few years ago, the runners only talked about the marks that had been achieved, the pace at which he had left. In contrast, on an Ultra Trail one speaks of sensations, of several anecdotes … “.

Thus, the mountain is the favorite place of the members of the Mijas Club Media Trail to enjoy the race on foot. And one of the most common natural environments for training is the Sierra de Mijas . It is usually at the end of the week, while from Monday to Thursday they do it at the Hipódromo Costa del Sol, in the same town of Mijas (Málaga).

With work and children, it is not easy to combine personal and work life with the facet of sportsman, which allows them to disconnect from day to day. “We all have commitments and obligations but it is a pleasure to find time to enjoy the mountain as we like, which is running,” says Ana María.

The club incorporates VIATOR in his red shirt almost from its beginnings . “They spoke very well of the company and the quality of their garments and we decided to try. And we are delighted, “they explain. With the same passion and joy, we hope that you continue adding kilometers and unevenness in the countryside.

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